Programs & Classes

General Fitness

Whether you are looking to burn some extra fat or just want to stay healthy, Fit Dock is the place for you. We offer the finest fitness equipments as well as the guidance of seasoned trainers and nutritionists all under one roof. From a smooth running cardio vascular system to gaining muscles to toning your body, Fit Dock is here to help you achieve any and every one of your fitness goals.

Group Fitness

The path to getting fit isn’t always a rosy one, but it becomes better when we take it with our peers. Group fitness is a great way not only to make the fitness journey more enjoyable, but also to strengthen our relationships and stay true to our commitments as part of a community of fitness enthusiasts. Fit Dock offers an array of training modules like group yoga and aerobics classes for achieving a toned, healthy body, together with your loved ones.

Youth Fitness

Here at Fit Dock, we believe that anyone can start the journey towards becoming a fitter and better version of himself, age no bar. This is why we have a special fitness module for the younger generation, keeping in consideration their age, abilities and interest. The youth fitness classes offer mixed martial arts, yoga, and various other forms of exercise, all supervised by our certified fitness trainers.

Functional Fitness

If you are looking towards pushing your limits just a little extra, functional fitness classes are for you. The main motive of functional fitness classes is to build and strengthen a solid core of the body. These classes will help you reach the peak of your fitness abilities. Fit Dock offers a specially designed module of functional fitness classes that focuses on achieving and amplifying body’s overall fitness capabilities while creating a harmony between the body and mind.

Exercise as Medicine

Our body is an engine, which can break down if not maintained properly. A lot of our health issues stem from lack of regular exercise and increased body fat. Proper and regular exercising not only keeps health issues like obesity, arthritis, muscle and joint pains at bay, they also help with having a healthy cardiovascular system and keep the internal organs strong and working. It has been proven that those who exercise regularly rarely fall sick. At Fit Dock, we help one achieve their dream of becoming fit and healthy, with proper training and guidance.